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Dear Already Successful™ Business Owner... 

Hi, I’m Travis John and thanks for stopping by my website.  I trust you found your way here because of one of three reasons.

1) We’ve met before and if so hello again.

2) You were referred to me or got something from me (on Facebook or LinkedIn, by Email or Snail Mail) and you’re checking to see if I am legit.

3) You just stumbled onto my website while surfing the internet and you’re probably not even sure why you’re still reading. Surprise!

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

If you’re a client or been here before you probably already know you can go above to login and access the members-only content or schedule a call with me, etc. 

If you’re new here and checking things out, I could begin by telling you all sorts of mumbo jumbo about me. But I won’t do that, yet.

No, because you are here for a MUCH more important reason…  You are STILL trying to decide if you should bring in some professional help for your biz and if I'm someone that can help you.. Well, the short answer is “probably” but we need to go a little deeper first…

Let’s go.

Let me start by saying…The rule is that, if you are wondering if you should get some professional advice for your biz. You already need it. You know "deep down” that you feel this way because the warning lights are already flashing your head. ...Maybe even keeping you up at night. 

Or, you are starting to lose some of your business mojo…and you’re not 100% sure WHY. 

Or, your success is getting in the way of greater success and holding you back from your ultimate life goals.

Or, you simply want to work smarter so you have the free time to enjoy life MORE.

Or, maybe you didn’t even realize these shenanigans were going on and just put two-and-two together while reading this now...

Either way you already know that every top business owner has a right hand man to lean on for that good Ol’ fashioned business "know-how" and "fast-track" advice. Successful business owners know that it’s a huge waste of time, money and mental capacity to stumble around and try and figure "it" out themselves (and probably still get "it" wrong) …When the answer is just a phone call away.

Hey, I know since you have an Already Successful™ business you have some outside help now or have had some in the past. I also bet you are on this page because you know things are not all on the up and up with your biz, RIGHT NOW. And, that you would be crazy not to get a 2nd opinion (when you need it).

I also know it’s freakin' hard to come to grips with the fact that you should get outside help or even be sure that you need it right now. Then, assuming you reach the point of accepting you need help, how do you find the right person to ask for help… and then WHAT do you even ask them FOR?

So, I went ahead and made this easy for you. 

I put together a handy guide to help you figure out where you’re at, diagnose any problems in your biz ...and what you might gain from bringing in outside help.

It’s a quick 5 minute "self assessment" to help you understand where YOU may be standing in your own way or what fire (or two) you need to put out in your biz ASAP. 

Or, you may determine that you are in good shape right now. 

The A-HA moment for you should be to identify "the big ass problems" in your biz and more important, clearly see "the bigger solutions".

Why am I doing this for you?

Nothing weird, I am simply giving you this because if I can help you it makes me feel good and yes, the "elephant in the room” is I actually could get business by demonstrating I can help you. You see, by actually helping you - first - you will likely think I am a pretty cool dude. And, if you did need some of the help I am qualified to administer, there's a pretty good chance you would give me a shot. That’s it.

Sounds good? Good.

Go ahead and click the red button below to get started now

See you on the next screen,
Travis John

5-Minute Self Assessment

Tell Me More

P.S. I put the 5-minute self assessment together for you because I too had a business (multiple at one time) that were chewing me up literally (health wise and all) and dictating ...When I got to see my wife and play with my kids. …When I got to travel, exercise, even take a random day off - simply because I felt like it. Well, I can’t say this is easy, it actually took me a few years to unwind the problems. But, I can tell you sincerely that it has changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined, plus it beats any alternatives… 

P.P.S. I found that besides solving the "top shelf" business strategy problems - most biz problems can be solved by scheming up better ideas, better execution of these ideas (AKA “The Marketing”) and better implementation of these ideas (AKA - a bullet proof sales funnel) And, one last important piece of the puzzle, this all needs to be setup so that it works automatically...24/7. YES, this even works if you're in a professional service business...



The Travis John Agency is a consulting and professional services agency that helps your Already Successful™ business have faster and more frequent breakthroughs. Working with the Agency is like having your own Marketing Director, Board of Directors and Technology Director, ALL IN ONE.

Basically, it’s the business “easy button” you didn’t think existed.

The Agency has a specific focus on helping Already Successful businesses that are bad at marketing (but don’t realize it). The agency accomplishes this by helping businesses start more conversations with "the right” customers... that bring exponential growth... while working LESS.

This is usually accomplished by implementing better (direct response) marketing. This starts with adding and deploying “money-making assets” that are then paired with education-based marketing campaigns that present a dream-come-true experience for their target customer (or, in geek speak, carefully architected sales and marketing funnels on autopilot).

We know that your Already Successful business needs more attention to stay ahead. This requires constant growth, change and innovation. For this reason, we only work with clients we can be a HERO to.

Don’t get hung out to dry by beating around what “used to work” for your biz.

Connect with us to get the shortcut to more sales and more freedom.

We are like FOOD for Already Successful businesses.

Go ahead... Take the first step off the beaten path.

Travis will get you there.

Want to know more? Visit or just send me an email at

How I Can Help You Right Now

Already Successful™ Partner Program //

I'm the creator of the Already Successful Partner Program where I invite select businesses to partner with me. I work closely with you to provide strategic advice for squashing problems, identifying growth points, tweaking existing processes that bring in quick cash, and much more. I basically help direct key pieces of your biz where you can either free yourself up or make more money. Working together offers you the quickest way to have the skills of a marketing director, a board of director and a technology director infused into your biz.

This program is specifically designed to give you the skills (unfair advantage) to double your biz (and possibly more important, your free time) in the next 12 months. I will personally guide you and your team each month by way of weekly calls, emails, text messages, chat, and whatever it takes. This program is specifically for “Already Successful Businesses" that want to run even faster.

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