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A father, husband, perpetual traveler, minimalist, runner, health geek, adventure seeker, pioneer, street-smart entrepreneur and author, Travis has designed a life that allows him to stay sane, be present with his family and work with clients he loves. 

Travis is the founder and chief strategist of Travis John Agency LLC. He is an innovator and well-known marketing and sales strategist who spends most of his time helping Already Successful™ business and luxury property owners get the most out of their assets. 

For small-biz owners, entrepreneurs and busy professionals:

Travis helps with strategic decisions, marketing direction and the innovation needed to ensure ongoing success. Simply put, Travis has a knack for finding unique ways to increase sales and solve top-shelf business problems.

For luxury property owners:

Travis provides strategic advice and bespoke marketing solutions for real estate, yacht and RV sales. Travis accomplishes this using a unique blend of technology solutions, aggressive marketing strategies, and tight-knit social and professional networks.

Travis believes that the single best gift people can give the world is to bank on themselves. Travis is able to deliver his gift to the world by keeping his services simple, straightforward and focused.