Hi, I'm Travis john

I used to wonder if my self-blazed trail was just me being different, until a Kolbe assessment confirmed that innovation isn't just what I do—it's who I am. This insight has been liberating, allowing me to fully embrace and integrate my diverse skills. With a track record of driving growth and a pragmatic approach to business development, I'm passionately dedicated to transforming traditional markets through technology. This isn't just my career; it's a calling woven into my very DNA.

What I'm Up to

Whether you're looking to talk shop about real-world assets, refine your go-to-market strategy, build influential networks, or navigate the complexities of connecting your DeFi project to traditional markets, I'm here to be a resource in your journey.

Connecting the blockchain with real world applications


Hear from the builders behind the boldest blockchain projects, providing insights into the future of a tokenized world. Join us (& be a guest yourself) as we explore how tokenization is transforming everything from finance to physical assets, enhancing access and liquidity across the board.
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A go-to-market service for DeFi projects looking to tokenize traditional markets? Absolutely! Now, early-stage and growth-focused companies can benefit from our bespoke Business Development as a Service (BDaaS), and leverage our network, proprietary lead generation processes, and conversion-focused presentations to close deals and forge strategic partnerships. Our white-glove onboarding ensures a seamless experience for clients, customers, and institutional partners. Looking to boost visibility through media generation events and community outreach? We've got you covered.

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Join us as we pioneer the tokenization of campgrounds to open new liquidity options for commercial property owners and broaden high-yield investment opportunities. We're also working to revolutionize RV personal property ownership by implementing tokenized titles to enhance security, streamline peer-to-peer transactions, and reduce fraud. Through strategic alliances and blockchain solutions, Ground aims to change the game in the RV industry by broadening investment opportunities and creating new norms for real and personal property transactions.

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